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Confetti Storm


I know with certainty that we are not here to play it small, to run our lives on autopilot, or to settle for mediocrity.  We are here to live big, bold, joyful, fun, brilliant lives!  While that might look different to everyone, the feelings and the energy behind it are the same.  What if we could keep taking steps outside our comfort zone?  What if we declare to the Universe that we are ready to listen to our hearts?  What if we celebrate all that we came here to do and be, and continue to take action in the direction of our dreams?  What if we obliterate the box altogether because we cannot contain our excitement ? 

I wholeheartedly believe that having a home that's in order frees up mental space to allow your brilliant creativity to shine. 

Join me in Living Outside the Box!                                        

        - Natalie

a.k.a. The Joyful Genie