Credentialed Math Teacher with 15+ years of teaching and tutoring experience

Part of my success as a high school teacher was being extremely organized, seeing the bigger picture, and breaking things down into manageable chunks.  It is for these reasons that there's no need for you to struggle with Math courses any longer.  


No matter where you're starting, I can help you crush your limitations and excel in all areas of Math from middle school Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2, and first year college Algebra.  Together we'll build a rock-solid foundation, target key areas of focus, and make sure you walk into your tests with absolute confidence.  I've had the best of both worlds by being in the classroom and tutoring.  I love working one-on-one and finding new ways to make things click for my clients.

I'm currently accepting new clients in the Valencia area.


"I cannot say enough about Natalie.  My son has been stumbling through Geometry all year.  We have had a tutor in 2 times a week all year, and his grades never seemed to improve.  I just assumed he was not wired to handle the concepts.  I made an appointment with Natalie to see if maybe changing tutors might help.  And it did! In just one session, my son seemed to totally grasp Geometry.  He loves working with her and said she explains things so clearly and shows him how to fix it when he's stuck.  She's changed my son's whole outlook on the subject.  I know this sounds like she has magic powers. I'm still not sure she doesn't, but she's made a huge difference in my son's life.  I can't thank her enough."


                        -Patrick, 6 lessons with Natalie

"Natalie is hands down the perfect tutor.  In just one session, I understood more Geometry than I could imagine.  Every week, I had more confidence doing problems, and sometimes we'd go ahead with lessons!  I enjoy doing Geometry because she has taught me many ways of solving problems, and ways to understand formulas.  She is very patient.  I recommend her to anyone who is having trouble in math.  Natalie is very nice, and her patience makes learning concepts easier.  Thank you Natalie, you are the best!"


                     -Michelle, 17 lessons with Natalie

"We were looking for a Geometry tutor for my 14 y/o daughter and found Natalie's profile. Natalie is an excellent tutor. She is very calm and patient and my daughter says she makes Geometry so easy to understand. My daughter's grade went from a "D" to a "B" in just 3 sessions with Natalie. She is always on time and gets to work promptly. We look forward to continuing to work with Natalie in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a math tutor at any level." 


                        -Kathy, 6 lessons with Natalie

"Natalie is an awesome tutor. She is very punctual, quick with responses and always keeps you updated. My son has been struggling in Algebra 1. After just 1 session he had his confidence back and even helped a classmate out the next day. My son says he loves the way she explains things and really makes it make sense. She is very calm, sweet and patient. He loves working with her and I can see using her in future subjects." 


               -Cherokee, 13 lessons with Natalie

"We have been very pleased with Natalie. She pays close attention to how our daughter learns and then teaches using methods that work for her. She is very patient and very knowledgeable. Our daughter's grade has gone up considerably over the course of the semester. Thanks Natalie!!!"

                         - Dan, 18 lessons with Natalie

"Natalie is great. She is serious and gets down to work while injecting personality and humor into the lesson. She knows how to get my daughter to do her work and also teaches her the concepts. She got more done in one hour than we'd done in several, finishing current homework AND even doing some review! We can't thank her enough. Our daughter is making amazing progress."

                -Rebekka, 34 lessons with Natalie

"Easy to reach, great communication with parents, excellent skills, perceptive, patient, understanding, terrific rapport with student, wonderful personality. Can't say enough good things. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


"My daughter loves working with Natalie. She's patient and understands her needs and addresses them in a way that my daughter can understand and apply. I recommend Natalie highly."

                         -Kalani, 18 lessons with Natalie

"Natalie is punctual, has a great attitude, is a very good communicator and my daughter loves her. She'll be starting school soon and we hope that this summer's tutoring pays off. If things go well, we'll retain Natalie's services throughout the year and gladly give her a 5-star rating."


                -Patti, 28 lessons with Natalie

"Natalie makes complex concepts easy to understand. Her approach to math coaching is so inspiring. Natalie is absolutely the best at teaching math concepts, in my experience." 


                  -John, 7 lessons with Natalie