"My experience working with Natalie was a delightful one.  I may have had my doubts working through FaceTime seeing as I'm across the country, but they soon vanished.  I was amazed at how quickly it all came together and how well Natalie guided my husband and me, making it easy to accomplish 2 shed cleanups in only 2 hours!  It's always been a challenge to get my sheds in order, seeing them time and time again get back into an unruly pile.  Natalie brought order to the whole project and now it's a snap to get at everything, always knowing exactly where things are.  She's a master at thinking outside the box!  She's a gem."


                                                            - Sue; Seekonk, MA

"When I discovered that Natalie was a professional organizer, I immediately wanted to hire her!  But we live in different states and this felt like a barrier.  I was thrilled and delighted when she accepted my request to have her help me tackle my chaotic clothes closet via Face Time.


My time with Natalie was more than a “cleaning out my closet” project.  It was an eye opening and enlightening experience.  Not only did she provide exceptional value through her organizing expertise, (I learned how to organize my closet in a way that feels and looks so much better to me.) She guided and instructed me in a way that felt safe, supportive, and non-judgmental.   Which is exactly what I needed. 


Turns out, letting go of things was way more challenging (and emotional) than I thought it would be.  That’s when Natalie’s superpowers came into play and she sincerely blessed me.  She was an anchor of strength and support, and her presence was instrumental in moving me forward.   Natalie was kind and gentle and yet she had a laser beam focus on my goal: a clean, clutter-free closet that is beautiful!


The best part was, she would consistently ask me, as I held up each article of clothing, “Does this spark joy for you?”  I confess, I had a lot of resistance and yet many things were no longer a fit for me, literally and figuratively.  I appreciated that she reminded me that someone else would surely benefit by the items I let go.


The whole experience seemed more like a metaphor for my life.  Natalie continually surprised me with her insights, seeing my blind spots and giving me ample and perpetual encouragement.   I took everything she said to heart.   She was helpful in ways I hadn’t expected.  I often try solving things on my own.  But I believe we are stronger and wiser and much more effective together.  That was definitely reaffirmed for me when I worked with Natalie and I am very grateful for her.


I highly recommend that you hire her for your next project!"

                                                             - Ronna; CO

Natalie did a nice job at helping me organize my desk and drawers.  I have a lot of arts and crafts supplies, which is her specialty when it comes to organization, so that was super helpful.  She was also very kind and friendly.  Very affordable as well.  Would definitely work with her again.

                                        - Cheryl N.

"Wonderful and kind, Natalie is transforming my life one visit at a time.  She is always punctual, warm and fully present for the sometimes difficult process of releasing sentimental (and some not so sentimental) belongings.  I had the difficult task of consolidating several homes and many, many boxes from garages.  As an empty nester, I can't imagine what I would do without Natalie.  She arrives and we begin immediately, as she knows what we need to do from the last time.  She helps with the big and the small.  Each visit is part organization and part laughter as I enjoy her company and her sweet presence.  My home is changing quickly and I can't thank her enough for er her help in a sometimes emotional process.  She is also a very, very kind person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  You will immediately feel safe and cared for, but she will get it done with you."

                                                                    - Sybil; Newhall, CA

"Natalie’s organizational skills are unmatched and priceless. She brings joy and ease to every task, making the experience of organizing and decluttering uplifting, fun and extremely freeing. It’s no wonder her business is called “The Joyful Genie”...she is that and so much more! I highly recommend Natalie and know you will love her and the magical work she does." 


- Teri;  North Hollywood, CA

I was extremely impressed with Natalie's ability to look at a very cluttered closet and quickly assess how to get it reorganized. She did not make any assumptions about whether or not items should be kept, but asked the perfect questions to help me identify items that could be tossed, donated, or kept in a different area.  The transformation of the closet from a space where you could barely step in and could trip over items if you did, to a spacious, efficiently organized area in just a few hours was remarkable.  Thanks Natalie!

                                                              - M.C.

"Natalie's delightful personality and calm, confident organizing skills did, indeed, bring order, cleanliness, a happy environment, and YES, JOY! - to my desk area and living room.  I can't wait to hire her again for the rest of my house!"


- Marni; Van Nuys, CA

"Natalie is amazing. Over the past few years she has helped me with many projects related to my catering business, keeping me organized and making every job a pleasure. She’s incredibly calm, reliable and fun to work with! She loves helping people get organized and when I was completely overwhelmed at moving out of a home I had been in for 17 years, I knew I couldn’t have done it without her services”.


_  Deb; Sherman Oaks, CA